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We are electrical service experts

Along with all of our construction services, we also provide unmatched electrical services. Since 2007, our clients have let us work on their homes while they were at work and have come back to find exactly what they asked for - honest and reliable work. We'll clean up any messes we make and can always be trusted.

As part of our electrical services, we can install a number of different products that include heat and fire alarms, as well as panels. In addition, we can install other equipment such as transformers, switchgears, electrical panels and more.

You may not know where you want a fire alarm or a transformer placed in your home or office right away, and that's okay. We can help you plan out where different electrical structures and panels will be placed in your property.

Setting up telephone and computers can be a big time hassle, especially when it comes to hardwiring them. Let us take that weight off your shoulders by letting us hardwire your telephone or computer so you can have it up and running instantly!

We'll install most electrical products

Hardwire anything

Let us figure out your electrical landscape

Ask us to get a FREE estimate on any of our services, including electrical work.


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